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              與商業大咖合作 Cooperate with business leaders






              Our company was established in 2005, after years of development, the company have a complete and scientific quality management system, to provide customers with professional and high quality product processing services.

              Boyi in line with "honest personhood, steady operation, bring health and happiness to customers, the profit to the businessman" business purpose, adhere to the "people-oriented,customer first"business philosophy, advocating “integrity, unity, dedication,striving”spirit of enterprise culture,efforts to the masses to provide quality products and sincere and professional services, deeply the general consumerundefineds favor.

              Meanwhile, boyi has cultivated a groud of R&D management, marketing and service teams with excellent quality, rich experience and leading technology, which has become the core force for the development and expansion of the company and promoted the integration and optimization of company resources.

              We always believe that the perfect quality can make the enterprise stand more stable, excellent team will let the enterprise go further, which has actually proved it, in 2015, the company cooperated with American Coca-Cala company; in 2016, the company cooperated with weiquan food co.,ltd; in march 2019, our company cooperated with xicha chain store. and we will continue to strive to do better and better!

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