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              OAT BEAD


              Brand: BOYI

              Product Name: Oat Bead

              Ingredients: Oat, Water, White granulated sugar, High fructose syrup, Apple concentrate juice(only for bag packing, can is not)

              Food Additives: Acetylated distarch adipate, Sodium alginate, Calcium carbonate, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Potassium sorbate(only for bag packing, can is not ), EDTA-2Na

              Specification: 1KGX20Bags/ Carton    850gX12Cans/Carton
              Production Date: See packing
              Batch No.: See packing
              Shelf Life: 12Months
              Origin: Hainan. China
              Category: Fruit flavour jam(bag packing)  Canned Cereal(can packing)
              Grain Content: ≥60%(bag packing)   ≥55%(can packing)      
              Executive Standard: GB/T 22474(bag packing)   GB 7098(can packing)
              Food Production Licence: SC10646902100605

              Storage condition: Store in a ventilated, dry and cool place , refrigerate after opening, and use it over as soon as possible

              Direction: Widely used for the fashionable drinks such as milky tea, shaved ice, sorbet, fruit juice, herbal jelly, dessert, ice cream, double-layer steamed milk custard, cake,etc.  

              "The product is made of oat, Oat is wrapped in natural seaweed extract transparent layer, strong sense of taste, A light bite in the mouth, with explosion feeling instantly, bring a new taste experience.    

              Oat is rich in protein, lysine, microelement iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, calcium, etc.  

                                               Nutrition Information
              ItemsPer 100gNutrient reference values%
              Allergic substances: This product contains Oat.

              Product Display:

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              Copyright: Hainan Boyi Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.

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