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              Founded in 2005, our company has a history of more than a decade. The inception of the company, specializing in the processing of nata de coco chip and nata de coco dice. Since 2014, our company changed its name to Hainan Tropical Fruits Processing Co., Ltd, from then on, our company began a new round of development.

              Our company focuses on processing various specifications of industrial germfree bags of nata de coco dice products and all kinds of coconut products, diced aloes, pineapple dices, mango dices as well as other tropical fruit dices. In addition, we also can process all kinds of tropical fruit NFC puree and whole grains bead as well, etc.

              The management team of our company consists of many senior staffs from the industry. With a long experience in the industry and has passed the food safety system FSSC22000 & ISO22000 , and no matter equipments or industry aspects we all have great advantages, which make us a leader in the industry.


              版權所有:海南博億生物科技發展有限公司          ICP備案:瓊ICP備17005271號-1